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This series is called Myth Busters which will help you really understand your current market.

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Ads in newspaper work 95 percent of ads responded to are online ads. Why? Easier, current communication mode
People shouldn’t complain about $15, they should be thankful they have a job! Recently we saw an ad for A & W in Gravenhurst (a new store) -hiring staff at $20 PH. Employers are having to re-evaluate their wages to get staff and most importantly KEEP THEM. How do you stack up?
I always like to interview 3 or more people Think of today’s Job Market like the housing market. If you could find 3 or 4 skilled staff for your roles and then most have found something else. The early bird get the worm. Trust your instincts; you know when someone is right Just like that perfect house. Don’t Wait. Act now! Before it is too late.
Finding People is easy Finding people is not easy. Just look around and see all the help wanted signs. Resources Ink taps them on the shoulder and ensures they know all the great things about your opportunity -No ad can do that!
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