In Canada, employment has grown 10% over the previous ten years while the labor force has only grown by 1%. The problem of a smaller pool of skilled candidates due to the aging population was already troublesome before the pandemic. However, the health and economic crises has only made the situation worse while also increasing turnover.

According to Statistics Canada, there were over 732,000 open opportunities across all industries in Canada as of the second quarter of 2021, with 194,000 of those positions located in Quebec and 264,000 in Ontario. In comparison to 2020, this is a huge increase. Although the government intended to make hiring immigrants easier starting in 2022, businesses still faced stiff competition to find and keep skilled employees. They must thus adjust as best they can by providing favourable working conditions.

The best ways to hire and retain employees

 In terms of retaining and attracting managers, middle managers, and employees, a variety of trends are emerging.

Pay and benefits that are appealing 

 Nearly half (49%) of Canadian entrepreneurs found that they had to raise their pay packages in 2021 in order to attract skilled candidates. Companies will also need to provide competitive benefits, such as good insurance, hiring bonuses, longer paid holidays during the first year of employment, etc., in order to draw in and keep employees. In the future, this trend might only get worse. Even if the economy improves, this trend will continue since labor will continue to be short.

Work-place happiness

 Personal growth at work is given importance, along with physical and mental wellness. Companies must make new hires (as well as current employees) feel content and motivated at work in order to recruit and keep qualified incumbents. They must enjoy their work as well as that of their superiors and coworkers.

Companies should provide a warm welcome to new hires, team-building exercises, social activities, free lunches at the office or at a restaurant, and paid sessions promoting wellness and health, among other things, to meet this need.

Moreover, managers will need to create a new work environment based on respect for one another, peaceful conflict resolution and the absence of dispute.

Flexible work hours and remote work

 Working remotely is certainly here to stay as during the lock-down we would have to get used to it. According to a CROP survey of 450 remote workers, two-thirds of participants prefer to continue working from home or have complete flexibility to select where they work (38% and 24%, respectively).

While working from home improves performance, some business leaders believe that full or hybrid working remotely might be bad to productivity. In actuality, 32% of Canadian employees said they worked more while working remotely, and 58% said they accomplished the same amount of work as they did in the office.

It will soon be normal to let working remotely from anywhere at any time (including abroad). Furthermore, it is important to rely on trust and to stop monitoring online activity (the right to disconnect). The imaginary chains that kept employees seated at their desks are no longer in use. Even remote hiring and interviews are possible.

Learning and Instructing

 Businesses will need to put more of a focus on internal movement and improving the capabilities of current employees to fill key positions. Additionally, in order to recruit younger employees, internal paid training will become significantly important. In a few years, students or interns will be your biggest asset.

Appreciation and success

 Equal access to job growth for all is another trend in hiring. Seniority advantage methods for climbing the corporate ladder are outdated. Younger people frequently perform better, and nowadays, quality of work is what counts. experience Instead, experiences should be taken into account and a one important metric for salaries should be performance.

Therefore, it is important to prioritize aspects such as providing regular appreciation, encouraging initiative, giving everyone an opportunity, and providing quick promotions based on the value of the work. In 2023, developing career goals for each employee will also be a top focus.

Emotional Intelligence

 Your human resources’ performance is a constant challenge. Emotional intelligence, a recent trend in team management, enables you to control your emotions so you can communicate more effectively. Assessing a candidate’s emotional intelligence at the time of hiring is a standard technique in recruitment. This guarantees that the selected applicant will settle in and be a valuable member of the team.

Corporate goals and values

 Managers and workers all desire positions that offer more than just a wage and job stability. They want to believe that their work has purpose. And that their contributions to the company contribute to a desirable cause.

Your business must inspire its staff on a human level. In addition to the performance it expects from its teams so that their loyalty is driven by their own values.

Corporate Social Responsibility

 Few people want to work for an organization that does not support ethical ideals. Both on a social, economic, and environmental level as well as a human one. In 2023, businesses are assuming duty and contributing to the change on significant concerns.

This could be starting a program to assist the area. Becoming a top employer in terms of mission and values, treating your staff with respect, sourcing ethically, giving to charitable causes, etc.

Boost the perception of your brand

 It’s vital that your business projects a welcoming image to potential employees in order to encourage a sense of belonging. You can personally address your target market while also raising brand awareness with the aid of an advertising or marketing firm.

You can recruit the top executives, managers, and employees with a revamped website and an active social media presence (including an engaging and proactive LinkedIn page).

Recruitment firm

 Companies are turning to recruitment firms as a result of ongoing labour shortage. Employing a recruiting firm can help you get qualified candidates. We at Resources Ink, understands the challenging market and we know how to fill permanent openings quickly. There is no risk to employers: fully vetted candidates with a 30-day guarantee. We focus on how to move our unique skills to other areas in Ontario and grow our business.

In Resources Ink we follow a unique approach in hiring and staffing. Recruiting is our specialty; we carry out the entire recruitment process and find the right candidate to fill staff openings. We take the burden of HR management and administrative tasks off your shoulders, giving you the opportunity to focus on the growth and development of your business.

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