Employers have had to reconsider some of their pre-pandemic standards for experience and academic training as a result of the labor market’s shortage of highly skilled workers and the strong competitive environment.

A rise in competition

Because of the labor shortage, firms have had to compete hard for the finest leaders for the past two years. We currently observe a trend in which qualified candidates have significant bargaining power and even more clearly defined selection criteria while looking for job possibilities.

In order to lure top executives, businesses are providing:

  • Appealing pay and a signing reward to come up to expectations, make up for bonuses lost when employees leave their existing company, and promote internal equality.
  • Excellent and cutting-edge benefits (extended group insurance, improved maternity/paternity leave, many weeks of vacation to be taken in the first year, etc.).
  • A welcoming and respectful workplace.
  • Programs for enhancing knowledge and abilities
  • Flexibility in regard to working hours and location to promote work-life balance

Hiring the top executives requires a quick hiring process

 Despite the fact that some businesses provide excellent salary and benefits, executives frequently deal with highly successful coworkers who leave for other possibilities, leaving behind their workload of responsibility. The resulting conflicts may cause them to reflect on their own roles and responsibilities.

Employers who are successful hire replacements right away. We at Resources Ink, understands the challenging market and we know how to fill permanent openings quickly.

Live interviews must be conducted in addition to automated hiring procedures

 The greatest recruitment trend for 2022 is automation of hiring procedures. Digitalization is transforming every aspect of organizations, including production, management, procurement, export, and now recruitment.

All executive search recruiters benefit from time savings due to the technologies utilized in artificial intelligence-based profile searching. However, the utilization of case studies during the interview is very revealing about one’s flexibility and ability to handle live, everyday situations at work, so the physical interview still plays an important role in evaluating managerial attitude and deciding fit.

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